Love at First Bite

After we finished the wedding photography at the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple this waffle truck parked right in front of the temple. What a great photo opportunity. Everyone was congratulating the wedding couple and offered them free waffles





Christmas Photography 2014

It’s that time of year where I am keeping super busy with Christmas Photography in the Phoenix area. I love photographing children, and boy are these children beautiful. Take a look for yourself!

This is the 5th year I’ve been photographing this family in Queen Creek, Arizona. I love seeing how much they have grown each year and how much the family has grown. Love this family!

A beautiful Family

A beautiful Family

Little Boy

Little Boy

He's so Cute!

He’s so Cute!





So Handsome

So Handsome

A Beautiful Young Women

A Beautiful Young Women

Beautiful Young Lady

Beautiful Young Lady

Sweet kisses!

Sweet kisses!

Beautiful couple

The Children

The Children

Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

Mesa, Arizona Temple Wedding

What a beautiful wedding couple. Heston and Ashley’s wedding was so beautiful at the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple. Taking wedding Photography at the Mesa, Temple is my favorite and Heston and Ashley was no exception! Congratulations to you both!




Beautiful Bride and Groom at the Mesa, Arizona Temple





















A Beautiful Wedding at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort

Joslyn_Don_Johnson3_4-5-13 v -286-EditAs a Phoenix wedding photography I photograph the most beautiful wedding couples and Joslyn and Don were certainly no exception. I wonder if all photographers feel their couples are beautiful or am I just fortunate. Take a look at all the wedding couples I’ve photographed, they are ALL exceptionally beautiful. This Wedding was at The Gold Canyon Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona and what a stunning backdrop of the Superstitious Mountains. This was a western type Wedding with all the Bridesmaids and the Bride wearing cowboy boots. I loved it!

Gold Canyon Golf Resort Wedding Photography

Beautiful Bride and her father

This is one of my favorite images from this Gold Canyon Wedding. I love the looks of the bride walking down the isle with her very proud father.

Joslyn_Don_Johnson_4-5-13 v -607

Joslyn_Don_Johnson_4-5-13 v -632

Joslyn_Don_Johnson_4-5-13 v -635

Exchanging rings.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort Wedding

Don and Joslyn First Wedding Kiss

Phoenix Arizona Cowboy Wedding Photography.

Horse and Carriage Wedding

Beautiful Horse and Carriage Wedding!

The Bride, at this Gold Canyon Golf Resort Wedding, came in on a horse and carriage. It was so romantic.

Horse and Carriage Wedding

Horse and Carriage Wedding

Cowboy Kiss at Gold Canyon Golf Resort

Cowboy Kiss!

Don and Joslyn's Cowboy Wedding

Don and Joslyn’s Cowboy Wedding

Don and Joslyn's Beautiful Wedding

Don and Joslyn

Arizona Wedding Photography

Don and Joslyn Wedding Photography

Gold Canyon Golf Resort Wedding Photography

Gold Canyon Golf Resort Wedding

Southwest Wedding

Don and Joslyn’s SouthWest Wedding

Western Wedding Photography

Don and Joslyn’s Western Wedding

A Beautiful Sassi Wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona

Click for large image

A Beautiful wedding it was for Gina and Ryan at Sassi in Scottsdale Arizona.

Click to view large image

Ryan and Gina’s Engagement Photography at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona

Papago Park

Papago Park in Phoenix Arizona is a beautiful location for Engagement Photography.

They finally have Wedding Pictures!

I was so excited to talk this gorgeous couple into getting wedding pictures. They have been married for nine years but don’t have any pictures so they finally went for it. There was a different flair photographing this couple because they were so comfortable with each other. Muscles was so into his beautiful Bride and I hope you can tell by these images. Seriously, they acted like Newly Weds. We had a blast!

Getting Ready!

A Beautiful Bride gets ready from head to toe!

To view entire image click on the image

As a Scottsdale, Arizona Wedding Photographer I have photographed the most beautiful brides and Liz was no exception. Elizabeth is so beautiful and so photogenic!

Vintage Wedding Photography with Tyler and Elizabeth

This image shows this wedding couple’s personality.

Whenever any image is processed in a black and white, vintage, or maybe even a texture overlay you will also get an original classic timeless image. The styles of today will not always be what you like in the future.

What fun it was to photograph this wedding party in Scottsdale, AZ. They we are so delightful!

Photographing this Scottsdale wedding at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club was a good time and this image tells it all!

Elizabeth and Tyler

As a Scottsdale, AZ wedding photographer, I have photographed the most beautiful couples and Tyler and Elizabeth are no exception! This beautiful wedding took place at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ.

Arizona Wedding couple share a kiss. I love this timeless, classic, wedding photography with rich colors.

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