A Bride Gets Ready

As a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, one of my favorite shoots is photographing the Bride getting ready on her beautiful wedding day.  I Love photographing the excitement of the day.  There’s so much anticipation and energy that goes on when getting the bride ready.  This bride couldn’t find her veil for her wedding dress, but it was found by her mother.  Why is it that mom’s know where everything is and it’s a good thing for this beautiful bride.  Heather was an absolutely stunning bride.  Thanks Heather for choosing Artistic Impressions Photography to by your Phoenix Wedding Photographer.Bride gets her hair done

Sisters lacing up the Brides Dress

B&W  Buttoning of the Brides Dress

Bride getting on her bridal gown



So glad when the Bride chooses to be photographed from the start of her special day to the very end.   The photojournalism of Wedding Photography really lets you see and feel the Bride and Grooms personality.  As you look back on your Wedding Photography you will remember all the excitement and mood of day.   Wedding Photojournalism is a favorite style that I love to incorporate into all my wedding photography.