Arizona Wedding Photographer, Gina Murray, photographs Weddings in Arizona and around the United States. Specializing in Arizona Wedding Photography, Artistic Impressions Photography covers Wedding Photography in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and other areas in the Phoenix Valley. Gina has been doing professional Wedding photography for over 13 years. Gina graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and studied Wedding Photography at the University of South Florida. But who cares about all that….. what is important is capturing beautiful images of your Wedding day.

If you love the images and style of Artistic Impressions Wedding Photography, be confident that you will have Wedding Photography that you love. Photography fads and styles come and go, and because of this, EVERY image that you receive with cool textures, colors and blends , etc, you will also receive a clean, crisp, sharp, beautiful, original color image. The cool styles of today (which she love)s, with soft blends, washed, cool textures, dreamy, etc look will not always be popular and you may not always like. For this reason, Gina feels it’s important to give you both coloring images. You will have Wedding Photography that you love now and that you will LOVE FOREVER. Artistic Impressions Photography is Timeless Wedding Photography.

As you can see from the packages page, her prices are very competitive, especially for high quality photography and all that is included. If you have special financial circumstances, don’t hesitate to discuss options with me. All packages can be custom designed to fit your needs and your budget. Don’t settle for anyone to snap up wedding pictures. There’s a difference between snapshots and fine art photography. Just because someone has a nice camera doesn’t mean they can take good pictures. I always think of this example… Just because someone has a big beautiful grand piano in their living room doesn’t mean they can play the piano beautifully. It takes lots of hard work, discipline, study, and hours of practice.

Also, Gina feels it’s important to help those that may be suffering or those in need with the gifts and talents she’s been given. See the Giving Back Page. The experiences she’s had with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep have been overwhelmingly amazing and will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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