Christmas Photography 2014

It’s that time of year where I am keeping super busy with Christmas Photography in the Phoenix area. I love photographing children, and boy are these children beautiful. Take a look for yourself!

This is the 5th year I’ve been photographing this family in Queen Creek, Arizona. I love seeing how much they have grown each year and how much the family has grown. Love this family!

A beautiful Family

A beautiful Family

Little Boy

Little Boy

He's so Cute!

He’s so Cute!





So Handsome

So Handsome

A Beautiful Young Women

A Beautiful Young Women

Beautiful Young Lady

Beautiful Young Lady

Sweet kisses!

Sweet kisses!

Beautiful couple

The Children

The Children

Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

The Lott Family

I have been photographing this family for the last few years and it has been so much fun watching these darling two children grow.  I look forward to seeing them each Holiday Season.  This little guy has so much personality and LOVES Pecans.  Madison is becoming quite the young lady.  Family Photography

A Beautiful Family


Artistic Impressions Photography



Sweet Little Girl

Sweet Little Girl





Artistic Impressions Photography by gins

My Favorite Image!

 A Cute Little Boy

Artistic Impressions Photography

A Cute Little Boy!

Darling Little Baby Boy!

This little boy is so cute.  I’ve been super busy doing Christmas Family Photography.



Precious Little Flower Girls get ready for the wedding!

These little Flower Girls are so precious. How exciting it was for them to get all dressed up just like the Bride. Can it get any cuter then these little darlings??

Portrait Photography-4.jpg

getting ready!

Portrait Photography-3.jpg

Portrait Photography-8.jpg

Getting ready

Portrait Photography-6.jpg

Flower girl getting on her beautiful dress

Portrait Photography-12.jpg

Every hair in place

Portrait Photography-10.jpg

Beautiful little face

Portrait Photography-9.jpg

So excited!

Portrait Photography-7.jpg

Waiting patiently

Portrait Photography-13.jpg

Off to the wedding!

Beautiful Little Flower Girls

Portrait Photography-25.jpg

Bride and Her darling Little Flower Girls

Bride and the little girls

A Beautiful bride hugging her little darlings

Portrait Photography-4.jpg

A Beautiful Phoenix Bride with her cute flower girls

Loving Grandparents

Arizona Wedding Photographer

Beautiful bride with netted veil-1.jpg

Beautiful bride with netted veil-1-2.jpg

I love the way these grandparents lovingly touch their precious grandbabies.  The little girl with Grandma just woke up from her nap and she wasn’t quite awake and Grandma new just how to care for her.  After she held her for a while, Grandma fixed her hair.  And Grandpa’s expression is so tender as he’s interested in these little girl toys as if they were tools.  I can see why these parents have such great children.

First Day of Kindergarden

Child on school bus

Child getting on School Bus

Children getting on School Bus

Young school child with Backpack

Child waiting for school Bus

Can’t believe my little guy started Kindergarden today!! Where did the time go?? I miss him terribly!!

A Cute Family

Artistic Impressions by Gina
Artistic Impressions Photography by Gina

Beautiful Children

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A Child’s Face


A Darling Little Face Washed muted coloring

Writing on the wall-Vintage little girl

A Darling Little FaceArtistic Impressions Photography by Gina

This little face is so dang cute. Ok, you add this darling little face with spunky personality and you get….. ????

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