Mother sees her Daughter as a Beautiful Bride…

Beautiful bride with netted veil-1.jpg

Artistic Impressions Photography by Gina

When I first saw this image I fell in love with the emotion that this picture tells and knew I wanted this image to be posted.   I can’t imagine the emotion and joy a mother or father must feel when they see their beautiful daughter dressed as a bride when it must seem like not too long ago she was playing dress up.  Veronica’s mother and father are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.   There is a closeness this family shares that is quite rare and you could certainly feel the love they share with one another.

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More from the “Maternity Shoot”

Artistic Impressions Photography by Gina

Aug162010_Camimaternity_0014 copy

This is one of my favorite images in this maternity shoot.


Contemplating the baby within


Phoenix Portrait Photographer

I love the vintage look of this image.


Love the Vintage Black and White Coloring.

Artistic Impressions Photography by Gina

Beautiful Maternity Portrait

This Maternity shoot was really fun.  Here’s a couple of images and I’ll post more as I’m editing.   Kimi is so beautiful, as gorgeous as they come and my goodness the most perfect pregnant body.

Phoenix Portrait Photographer

Beautiful Maternity - vintage with texture

Beautiful Black & White, Maternity with texture

Artistic Impressions Photography by Gina

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