Beautiful Little Flower Girls

Portrait Photography-25.jpg

Bride and Her darling Little Flower Girls

Bride and the little girls

A Beautiful bride hugging her little darlings

Portrait Photography-4.jpg

A Beautiful Phoenix Bride with her cute flower girls

A Bride Gets Ready

As a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, one of my favorite shoots is photographing the Bride getting ready on her beautiful wedding day.  I Love photographing the excitement of the day.  There’s so much anticipation and energy that goes on when getting the bride ready.  This bride couldn’t find her veil for her wedding dress, but it was found by her mother.  Why is it that mom’s know where everything is and it’s a good thing for this beautiful bride.  Heather was an absolutely stunning bride.  Thanks Heather for choosing Artistic Impressions Photography to by your Phoenix Wedding Photographer.Bride gets her hair done

Sisters lacing up the Brides Dress

B&W  Buttoning of the Brides Dress

Bride getting on her bridal gown



So glad when the Bride chooses to be photographed from the start of her special day to the very end.   The photojournalism of Wedding Photography really lets you see and feel the Bride and Grooms personality.  As you look back on your Wedding Photography you will remember all the excitement and mood of day.   Wedding Photojournalism is a favorite style that I love to incorporate into all my wedding photography.

Mother and Father of the Bride

What a happy day it was for these parents as their daughter marries a wonderful young man in the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple.

Father and the Bride

A Happy Wedding Day

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A Temple Wedding

Vintage Temple Wedding

Happy Bride and Groom

A Mesa, AZ LDS Temple Wedding

A Vintage Wedding at the Mesa, AZ LDS Temple.

Love this Vintage Wedding Photography.
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Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Vintage Bride and Groom

I just LOVE the expression on this Vintage Bride and Groom.  They are both all business.  They were trying to be so serious but after the image was taken the Bride and Groom busted up laughing.  So much fun!

Vintage Bride and Groom with Texture

Phoenix Wedding Photographer Gina Murray with Artistic Impressions Photography

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Just Love being a Photographer in the Phoenix, AZ area especially when you have Bride and Grooms like Elliott and Heather.  Just delightful!!

LDS Temple Wedding Photography

LDS Temple Wedding Photography

A Beautiful Bride and Groom

This Arizona Wedding Photographer, photographs Weddings in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe and the greater Phoenix Area

What a Beautiful Wedding day it was for Heather and Elliott as they are married in the Mesa, AZ Temple.  This Wedding image is of this Gorgeous Bride and Groom exiting the Mesa, Arizona Temple.  What a happy Bride and Groom.  Congratulations Heather and Elliott and wishing you an Eternity of happiness!

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Mesa, Arizona Temple Wedding Photography


I surely don’t get to photograph as many LDS Temple Weddings as I would like so it was an absolute delight to be the Mesa, Arizona Wedding Photographer for this beautiful Bride and Groom. What a beautiful day for a wedding and the Mesa Temple grounds were stunning.

A Vintage Wedding Kiss
Arizona Wedding Photographer

Heather and Elliott were exiting the temple and what do you do? You give each other a beautiful Kiss as the new Bride and Groom.

Love Vintage Wedding photography

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A Gorgeous Bride

More Bridal Photography

Phoenix Wedding Photographer  — Artistic Impressions Photography

A Gorgeous Bride

A Beautiful Bride

A Stunning Bride

Artistic Impressions Photography – Bridal Portraits

Another Beautiful Bride

As a Phoenix Wedding Photographer I photograph the most beautiful brides and Heather is as pretty as they come.  A Beautiful Bride

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Heather, can I just say that shooting your Bridal Portraits was so wonderful. You are so beautiful inside and out.  Everybody can see what a beautiful bride you are on the outside but let me just say that you are just as beautiful on the inside.  Elliott is one lucky guy to snatch you up.    Your fiance to be, (Elliott) is going to go crazy when he sees how gorgeous you are on your wedding day and I can’t wait to shoot that first expression.

Beautiful Bride

love the coloring on this Bridal Photography Image.


Artistic Impressions Photography is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer

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